Text mining and research

We designed Codercats to assist you with document analysis.
You'll find it most helpful if you have large data sets and want to try out advanced analytics.

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Qualitative analysis is not only about creating codes and finding them in the texts. We offer advanced analytical tools to perform topic modelling, lexical, sentiment and network analysis.

Machine learning

Machine learning brings a quantitative touch to your qualitative research. It offers effective tools to find patterns and suggests appropriate codes for your key words.


Visualisations are a powerful tool that allow you to see and understand data patterns. Codercats offers word clouds, graphs and diagrams to support your analysis and present results.


Codercats is a web-based application meaning you can use it anywhere with a browser available. It is the first analytical application that enables real-time collaboration and allows research groups to participate and monitor the progress.

Data formats and API

Codercats supports a wide range of data formats. They include .doc, .pdf, .txt, .xls, .csv, and .html. You can also source your data using API tools.


We utilised our UX/UI knowledge and experience with other analysis tools to design an intuitive interface. We hope that Codercats will help you with your investigations and support your career.

Who would benefit from using Codercats?

Our mission is facilitating academic research and supporting young researchers.
We encourage academics, students and public organisations to try out the benefits of Codercats. 

Take a look at the prototype

Document reviews and coding is free for everyone.
You only have to pay if you need advanced analytics tools, such as sentiment or lexical anaylsis.
Feel free to leave your thoughts on the design using the comments feature or send us an email.

The team


Marc Bonne

PhD - Information Science

UX research and design expert, with experience in front-end and back-end development. Worked for a range of tech companies and universities.



Iana Gein

MSc in Data Science

Data specialist and web developer. Experienced in machine learning, data visualisation, business intelligence, social media analytics and interface design.


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